Diwali 2023

Thandai Cake

Begin the festive season with our Thandai Cake, which brings together a unique blend of spices, nuts and seeds, topped with a delicate saffron shrikhand frosting. No better way to embrace the festive season!

Feeling Mishti

Inspired by the Bengali mishti doi, we’ve created a sweet nutmeg-infused cake with a decadent and luscious jaggery cream cheese frosting. The perfect fusion of flavour and traditional ingredients that have incredible healing properties.

Chocolate Chai Biskoot

Our homemade Chocolate Chai Biskoots are spicy and crispy guilt-free delights, loaded with chocolate and chai spice – absolutely impossible to resist. An ideal gift, both for kids and grown-ups alike!

Brown Butter Iyengar Mawa Cake

Our take on this semolina-based teacake cake influenced by Iyengar Bakery. We’ve added brown butter to our edition of this classic teacake, making it irresistibly moist and crumbly – a symphony of rich flavours.

Rose Pistachio Cake

Our award-winning Rose Pistachio is one for all festive occasions. Nut flour sponge soaked in rose water topped with cardamom chocolate, garnished with pistachios and rose petals. Need we say more?